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Vault Trivia Live Terms & Conditions Agreement



By submitting your registration form to you're accepting these Terms and Conditions, the registering person, as applicable, acknowledges , agrees & understands that:

a)     Payments for registration will be made via pay-pal
b)     No refunds can be given 
c)     If you win giveaway money, that money can/will either be transferred from our pay-pal account to your pay-pal account or directly to your bank account. That is up to us.

d)     If you win prize products, products will be delivered to your address, or you may be required to pick them up from specified location

e)     You are required to read & review the "must knows before registering" pdf form before registering & acknowledge that upon registering you have done so. 

f)      You are aware that via the "must knows before registering" form we included our email address and indicated that if you have any questions regarding Vault Trivia Live registration you can contact us on

g)     You must be a resident of Bermuda to play
Where any conflict or discrepancy arises between these Terms and Conditions and the terms of an Agreement, the terms of the Agreement will prevail.

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